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My blog is aimed at providing inspiration and tips for living a vegan and natural lifestyle while raising a family. My husband, Orian, and I, along with our 11-month-old princess, Haylee, are vegan and love animals. We have 8 cats who keep us entertained and Haylee loves them like siblings.

I never used to like cooking, in fact, I used to stay far away from the kitchen. This changed slightly once I became vegan, in January 2018. I love baked goods, that’s my weakness. However, being vegan, I can’t buy any cupcake or donut from the bakery since they usually contain eggs and milk. So, I realized that the only way to fill this craving of mine is to bake it myself.

Vegan cake

I started out with Dunkin Hines and Pillsbury cake mixes while substituting an egg with a flax egg (1 tbsp flax seeds + 3 tbsp water), but this was too limiting for me. I began to dip my feet in the shallow end of the baking sea and start with simple cakes like this vegan carrot cake. Slowly, I gained more confidence in my baking until I made my first two-layered cake for Haylee’s half birthday.

2 layer birthday cake
Haylee’s half birthday cake

I’m now planning a two-layered, vegan cherry cake with banana frosting for Haylee’s first birthday which is in a few weeks. Baking has become a hobby for me, mainly because I love the end results. Haylee has been my inspiration for also starting to cook, which I will get more into in another post.

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  1. Love your passion for parenting vegan… this is something that I struggle with. I follow a no meat diet and like you, I’ve embraced cooking even more since I decided to switch to a vegetarian diet. But it’s so difficult to win my kids over!

    1. Miriam, it’s hard to change your kids’ diet when they’re used to something else. I suggest to start slowly – one day a week, or one meal a day. I will provide more recipes of foods I make for my baby, Haylee. You can subscribe to receive email updates.