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The Ultimate Guide to a Vegan Birthday Party

Do you have a birthday coming up? You’re vegan or have vegan friends that you want to invite? You want to make a vegan birthday party but are unsure where to begin?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, be sure to read on for a complete breakdown of how to plan a vegan birthday party.

I will delve into planning a vegan menu, give you ideas for a birthday cake, as well as share my own personal experience celebrating Haylee’s first birthday, completely vegan.

Choosing a party theme

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The first step to party planning is deciding on a theme. This helps you choose foods and decorations around your theme and color palette.

We just celebrated Haylee’s first birthday yesterday which was really exciting! The theme I choose was “you are my sunshine”. Once I had my theme, it was really easy finding decorations to go with that.

I found on Amazon a perfect party decoration kit that was exactly according to my theme. It included everything I needed from balloons to a cake topper and even a highchair banner!

highchair with vegan birthday party decoration

I chose my theme colors to be pink and yellow as you can see in the above picture. Yellow for the balloons, which came in the party decoration kit and I used pink for the cutlery, plates, cups, and napkins.

10 Awesome party theme ideas

I’ll give you 10 awesome party theme ideas which you can use for your baby/toddler/any party, plus the perfect theme colors to go with it.

  • One in a melon – green and pink/red
  • Safari – brown, green, and orange
  • Disney – blue, pink, and yellow
  • You are my sunshine – pink and yellow
  • Rainbow – all colors are great
  • Under the sea – blue and white
  • Ladybug – red and black
  • Summer – green and pink
  • Winter – white and silver
  • Tropical – orange, pink, and yellow

You’ve got your theme and color palette. Now it’s time to move on to the menu! Everyone loves food, but what about vegan food? Here you will get spectacular ideas for vegan menus which will have your guests mind blown!

Vegan birthday party menus

Your menu doesn’t need to go along with your theme. It can, but it’s not a must. For Haylee’s birthday party, we ordered pizza since that’s a favorite among adults and kids. It has nothing to do with a sunshine theme but it’s tasty.

You can incorporate everything into your theme. Let’s say your theme is tropical, you can have tropical fruits and smoothies as your appetizers.

However, for some themes, such as ladybug, it can be a bit difficult. I don’t think you’ll be serving your guests ladybugs for the main course. But you can choose red and black foods such as red and black licorice.

Another important thing to consider is what time of day your party will be. If it’s around noontime, you would need lunch foods, whereas if it’s around 3 PM, snack foods and appetizers would be just fine.

7 vegan party food ideas

Here are 7 delicious menu options you can choose from that can easily be vegan:

  1. Salad bar
  2. Pizza
  3. BBQ – Beyond burgers
  4. Build your own potato
  5. Sushi
  6. Pasta bar
  7. Fruit and vegetable platters with dips

Of course, every vegan party is not complete without a vegan birthday cake! And of course, you will want some more desserts besides just a cake.

Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging here. I’ve got you covered for the dessert menu! After all, that’s my favorite part of the meal.

Vegan birthday cake

When you make or buy a birthday cake, you want something special and unique, not just a regular chocolate cake. I’m not saying chocolate cake can’t be special but you know what I mean. You want to impress your guests, especially when it’s a vegan cake.

Almost all cakes can be easily veganized. Usually, the only thing that isn’t vegan about a cake recipe is the egg. Simply swap it out for a flax egg and you got yourself a vegan cake without changing the flavor.

For Haylee’s birthday, I made this double layer cherry cake.

vegan birthday cake

To top it all off, I glazed it a banana frosting and it was just phenomenal. I actually used yellow natural food coloring for the frosting to make it more yellow since that was one of my theme colors.

I bought the natural food coloring from iHerb since they have tons of natural and vegan products. Best part is they ship worldwide! And if you buy anything through my direct link, you’ll get 5% off, just like that.

If a recipe requires milk or butter, you can easily substitute that for non-dairy milk and vegan butter or margarine. It’s not as hard as it may seem to make a vegan birthday cake and guess what? No one will know the difference!

All the food at Haylee’s birthday party was vegan and no one could even tell. None of the guests were vegan so it’s not like they’re used to vegan food. Even the pizza that we ordered, people thought it was with real cheese.

You do your vegan party and everyone will enjoy it! Who doesn’t like free food?

Vegan birthday party desserts

Now that we’ve covered the main menu and the birthday cake, let’s talk about other dessert options.

I made my signature mint chocolate chip cookies and saying it was a hit is an understatement. I’m not trying to brag here but everyone loved it!

Make it for your party guests and they will drool over it. What a nice twist it has to regular chocolate chip cookies.

Another favorite which I made is oreo cupcakes. Everyone loves oreos and to add it to a cupcake? What can be better! If you love oreos, check out my cookies ‘n cream overnight oats recipe which is full of these delicious cookies.

Since I didn’t have too many guests, these were all the desserts I had. My friend also made some muffins and it was just the right amount of food for everyone.

vegan birthday party desserts

You can make any type of cookies and cupcakes. Little cups of mousse are also a great idea.

Here is a great recipe for chocolate mousse.

Fruit platters are also a nice option for those looking for a healthier dessert choice.

To wrap up

We’ve discussed all the steps required to planning a vegan birthday party. Choosing a birthday theme and a color palette. Finding the right menu option for you, including birthday cake and desserts.

I hope this guide will help you in your next birthday planning! What’s on the menu for your vegan birthday party? Drop a note in the comments below. I can’t wait to get more ideas!

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  1. These are super cute ideas for a vegan birthday party! My daughter has had friends in the past with allergies to gluten, milk, etc. so it would be great for having them as guests too! I also love all the themes, this is so creative!

  2. This is so helpful! As more and more of my friends are transitioning to gluten free and/or vegan, it is harder to entertain for them. This is full of great ideas to throw my friends the ultimate vegan birthday party!