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Top 12 Affordable Eco Friendly Baby Gifts of 2023

Holiday season is approaching and you’re probably already planning what to buy for your little one. You see sales and deals all over but what you really want is ideas for eco friendly baby gifts.

There’s already enough plastic being disposed of in the world. Why not opt for an eco friendly gift this season to help the planet?

Did you know that many plastic toys contain harmful ingredients like phthalates and lead? Yup, you read that correctly! Those bright-colored toys you buy likely contain lead.

Just think about what happens when your baby puts those toys in their mouth because we all know that that’s what babies love to do with everything!

Okay, I think I said enough to leave some doubt in your head about continuing to buy cheap plastic toys made in China.

Let’s focus instead on eco friendly toys for babies.

And just one more thing before we get started on this amazingly helpful list for the holidays, check out this post about cruelty free diapers! It’s a must-read for those interested in eco friendly and cruelty free options.

Eco friendly baby gifts

I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something, I may earn a commission. Thanks.

1. Storypod Interactive Audio Learning System

Most of us don’t want to give our kids screentime. However, it happens because we’re so busy and sometimes we need a way to wind down while our kids are entertained on their own.

That’s where this storypod comes to the rescue. It plays music, teaches your child new things, reads stories, and more!

All without any screens.

They even have an add on of Daniel Tiger that lets your child listen without the screens. My daughter, Haylee is obsessed with Daniel Tiger and this would be the perfect gift for her next birthday!

You can also record your own audio to playback on this storypod. It’s perfect if you want to sing lullabies to your child without being in their room.

Give your child the ability to be entertained independently, screen free, while you also get the time you need for yourself.

2. Boho Bundle – Swing and Toy Basket

This is a really cool swing and toy basket that you hang in your nursery. It’s handmade, organic, and a great gift for your little one!

Babies love swings, something about that rocking movement really soothes them. This way, you can have them swing every day, whenever they want.

My princess, Haylee loves going to the playground, just for the swings. She shrieks for joy when we get to the playground and the swings are always in use!

Definitely a great gift for your little munchkin this holiday season.

3. Wishbone Mini Flip

What a perfect eco friendly baby product this is! It’s perfect for little ones learning to walk as they can ride back and forth on it.

It’s made of sustainably harvested birch plywood so no need to worry about anything harmful there.

This baby toy comes in several different colors so you can get one to match your nursery theme or just choose your favorite color.

4. Asweets Hip Shape House Wood Sorting Game

One thing that really helps babies’ minds develop is when they try to interact with multiple toys together. I love watching Haylee figure out how to cover a container or stack her cups.

They concentrate so hard and of course, their faces are so adorable while doing so!

With this sorting game, your little one will practice her motor skills, cause and effect, and learn colors and shapes. It’s a great all-in-one gift, made of wood and non-toxic paint.

Now that’s definitely one of my favorites on this list of eco friendly baby gifts!

5. Larisa & Pumpkin Learning Tower

Learning towers are great for toddlers to interact with us when we do grown up things.

Say you’re preparing a snack for your little one and he’s curious about what you’re doing. You can simply put him in this learning tower and he’s right there at your height, ready to help you out.

It gives your kid the feeling that he’s doing something important.

This will probably be my next gift for Haylee since she always wants to see what I’m doing in the kitchen, like when I make these baby oatmeal cookies or unload the dishwasher.

6. Baby Activity Tent

Teepees and tents are so much fun for little ones. I recently bought something similar to this for Haylee and she loves it. My cats also do – they like most of Haylee’s toys.

Haylee loves to play in there and hide. She’s 14 months old and this is a great gift for any toddler.

Completely eco friendly since it’s made of canvas and wood. Just to point out, the manufacturer recommends this for ages 3 and up so be aware of that when buying for your little one.

7. Toddler Musical Instrument Set

Kids love making noise. They get a kick out of funny and new noises. With this musical instrument set, your little one is bound to have a good laugh and lots of fun.

Not sure how you’ll handle all the noise but I bet your baby will enjoy it!

This Montessori toy is perfect to help develop hand-eye coordination as they shake the rattle or bang on the xylophone.

Another great option from this eco friendly baby gifts guide.

8. Wooden Baby Gym

Wood is always a great eco friendly material and it also looks nicer than plastic. This gym is such a perfect holiday gift for your little one.

With 6 hanging toys that are also detachable, your baby will love staring up at them.

I remember when Haylee was younger, she loved her play gym. Seeing the toys move would make her so happy!

Bring a smile to your little one’s face this holiday season with an eco friendly baby gift!

9. Wooden Ruler Growth Chart

This gift idea is more a gift for you than for your little one, although she will likely thank you for it years later.

The concept of tracking your baby’s height over the months and first few years is amazing!

They grow so fast and there’s no other way to track it than to measure and mark it off on this beautifully designed wooden growth chart.

Once your baby gets older and looks back at all her baby stuff, she will be happy you tracked this.

I wish I had something like that from when I was young.

This is why I’m doing it for Haylee. So she will have this wonderful gift to look back at.

10. Toddler Montessori Busy Board

Busy boards are really popular and there’s a good reason for that. They teach your little one so many things just from one toy.

And, as the name says, it keeps your baby busy.

It’s made of natural materials and has a beautiful design to attract your child’s attention.

Just wait until you see him busy at this busy board. You’ll be thrilled to see him so involved and trying to figure out how to use each part of it!

11. Soft Baby Building Blocks

My nanny got this for Haylee for her first birthday and it’s such a hit in our house!

Not only can you stack them and build something with them, which will only happen at a later age, but they are also made of silicone.

Any mom out there with a teething baby knows how valuable anything silicone is!

Haylee would literally walk around all day with these cubes in her mouth, biting on them when she was teething.

This eco friendly baby gift is made of food grade silicone so no need to worry about anything dangerous in this toy.


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12. Personalized Name Puzzle

This is an excellent way to teach your child the letters in their name and at the same time give them a developmentally promoting toy.

I bought this for Haylee’s first birthday and that was how she started learning her ABCs. By the age of 2 and a half, she knew all the letters, simply by practicing them with puzzles like this one.

It’s also great for the environment and for your little one since it’s made of wood. You can engrave a special message on the back of the puzzle too.

To wrap up

I hope this list of eco friendly baby gifts helps you choose something for your little one this holiday season.

For adult gifts for the holidays, check out this vegan gift guide.

Let me know in the comments which one you plan to buy for your baby!

Don’t forget to share this with your friends so they can find some great gift ideas too.

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  1. I love this! I wish I had the wooden baby gym when my twins were little, that would have been so cute to see them play with and they would have LOVED it!!