hairstyles for baby girls

6 Stunning Hairstyles for Baby Girls

A detailed guide on how to style your baby girl’s hair

The moment we, moms, have been waiting for! Searching for adorable hairstyles for baby girls! Our little ones finally have long enough hair that we can do something with it.

Of course, you can always put it in a simple ponytail and done. However, in this post, I will show you 6 beautiful hairstyles for baby girls.

I always dreamed about the day when I can make cute braids for my daughter. Although Haylee’s hair isn’t long enough for braids, there are other hairstyles I can try now.

Equipment for styling your baby girl’s hair

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I enjoy being creative with her hair and trying new hairstyles. Once I got this pack of 200 colorful ponytails, it’s so much fun choosing colors each day.

Before going into the specific hairstyles for baby girls, here is a list of a few essential items that you’ll need:

Hairstlyes for baby girls

Some of these hairstyles can be done as soon as your baby starts growing a bit of hair. However, most of them require your baby to have more than just a bit of hair.

You can do these baby girl hairstyles whether your little one has thin or thick hair. Haylee’s hair is pretty thin but all these hairstyles work perfectly for her.


This is the easiest hairstyle on my list.

1. You’ll need to wet your baby’s hair. This helps collect all the small hairs and it’s easier to style this way.

To do so, fill up the spray bottle with some water and with a few sprays, your little one’s hair will be wet.

2. Comb your baby’s hair and make a part down the middle.

3. Take one side and put the front half of your baby’s hair in a ponytail.

4. Repeat this for the other side and voila, you got beautiful pigtails for your princess!

hairstyles for baby girls

Double pigtails

This hairstyle is similar to the one before, just this uses all your baby’s hair.

  1. Using a spray bottle, spray a few times on your little one’s hair until it’s wet.

2. Comb her hair and part it down the middle.

3. Then you’ll want to make a horizontal part across each of the 2 sections.

4. You’ll have 4 sections now and simply put a ponytail in each one.

double pigtails

I like to match the colors of Haylee’s ponytails to her outfit. When I’m using more than 2 ponytails, I usually choose 2 colors and alternate them.

In this example, I like to choose one color for the top 2 ponytails and another color for the bottom 2 colors.

Ponytails down the middle

This is one of my favorite hairstyles for baby girls!

It uses 4 ponytails so you can choose to use either one color for all or 2 colors and alternate them.

ponytail hairstyle for baby girls
  1. Wet your daughter’s hair using a spray bottle.

2. Comb her hair.

3. Take a section of the top part of your baby’s hair and put it in a ponytail.

4. Take a section of your baby’s hair below this section and put it in a ponytail, combining it with the ponytail from the top.

5. Repeat step 4 another 2 times until all your baby’s hair is added to this beautiful hairstyle!

Ponytails down the side

This hairstyle is the same as the previous one, only it’s to the side of your baby’s head, instead of down the middle.

side ponytail hairstyles for baby girl

Diagonal ponytails

For this baby hairstyle, it’s the same as the ponytails down the middle. However, there’s one difference.

You’re going to start with the first ponytail at the top corner of your little one’s hair.

The second ponytail will be diagonal from the first one. The third ponytail will be diagonal from the second one, and so on.

This will create a diagonal of ponytails across your baby girl’s hair. It’s a stunning hairstyle for your little girl!

Triangular hairstyle

With this hairstyle for babies, you will be creating a triangle in her hair with ponytails.

This is one of the easiest hairstyles for baby girls and it looks so adorable! It’s one of my go-to styles for Haylee.

  1. You’ll start as if your making pigtails on the top of your baby’s head.

2. Then you simply make a third ponytail by combining the 2 pigtails and adding a bit of hair from below.

This makes a cute triangle!

triangular ponytails

Purpose of baby hairstyles

You may think that all these adorable hairstyles are to make our little ones look so cute when we go out with them.

This is definitely true!

However, there’s another important purpose for these hairstyles.

Once your baby’s hair starts growing longer, it covers half her face. This means that her hair can get into her eyes which is really annoying.

Also, it covers part of her vision so she doesn’t get to experience the world in the best way possible.

During the first few years of your baby’s life, she’s learning and absorbing so much! A big part of it is by seeing what’s around her.

She learns from you, from other babies and kids she’s around. And she learns from her experiences.

Therefore, it’s important to keep her face clear from annoying hair that can irritate her and get in the way of her exploring life.

If your little one is old enough to start coloring, I suggest you check out these awesome printable coloring pages! They can teach your child the numbers as well as different animals.

To wrap up

Try out these 6 beautiful hairstyles for baby girls! They’re easy and you can choose a different one each day to keep things exciting.

You can also add a cute bow on top of each ponytail to make it even more beautiful!

What hairstyles do you like making for your little one?

Let me know in the comments! I’m always looking to try new styles.

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