baby care tips for new moms

Baby Care Tips for New Moms that You Never Knew

A guide for first time moms on how to care for your newborn.

Before my little one was born, I knew nothing about caring for a newborn or any of those baby care tips for new moms.

I didn’t know how to tell if they were sick, when to feed them, how often to change their diaper, what to dress them in, or anything else that experienced moms know.

The biggest challenge I faced was I didn’t even know what to search for online.

I didn’t know those newborn baby care tips or mom hacks.

That’s why I wrote this article. For new moms like you, uncertain about all those tips and tricks that other moms know.

I will provide you with a bunch of baby care tips for new moms, just like what I wished I had before Haylee was born.

Baby care tips for new moms

Here are my favorite tips that helped me throughout the first few months of my daughter’s life:

Baby’s temperature

How do you know if your little one is hot or cold?

Maybe you’re cold so you assume your baby is cold and you bundle him up in an extra layer. But is he really cold or it’s just you?

Don’t feel his hands or feet to know.

These are extremities and will feel cold even if your baby isn’t cold.

You probably know this for yourself. Sometimes your hands are cold but you’re not really cold.

So how can you tell?

Feel your baby’s back or chest.

Is it sweaty? Then your baby is too hot.

Is it cold and clammy? Then your baby is too cold.

Simple as that!

Hunger cues

How do you know if your little one is hungry or full?

This is one of the most important baby care tips for new moms that I will provide you with!

A great tip to know is this.

If her hands are clenched in a fist, your baby is hungry.

If her hands are spread open, she’s full.

You’ll also need to be aware of if she’s crying or not. If her hands are clenched but she’s not crying, you can try offering her milk and see if she wants.

Also, when she brings her hands to their mouth, this is another way to know that she’s hungry.

Calm baby down

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Your baby is crying and crying and he refuses to calm down. Your anxiety starts to rise and you feel like you’re losing your mind.

I think every mom experiences this at one point or another in the first few months of their baby’s life.

I know I did.

When Haylee was 2 weeks old, my husband and I took turns rocking her and trying to put her to sleep. We tried for a couple of hours!

I remember hearing other babies crying from nearby buildings in my neighborhood. And this was at 1 AM!

It’s definitely a stressful time, besides the fact that you’re just recovering from childbirth and the emotional effects it has.

I will provide you with some tips for calming a crying newborn, based on Dr. Harvey Karp’s method.

It’s called The Five S’s.

This method involves five techniques which all start with the letter “S”.

  • Swaddling
  • Side/stomach position
  • Shushing
  • Swinging
  • Sucking

When your newborn is crying, try swaddling him with these muslin swaddle blankets. Hold him in a side/stomach position, meaning he’s laying his stomach on your arm.

Gently swinging him back and forth while saying “shhhh” as loud as his crying can really soothe him.

You can also put a white noise machine on like this Hatch noise machine and night light.

If he’s still crying, try nursing or offering him a bottle. The sucking also relaxes him, that’s why many babies fall asleep while feeding.

The reason these five S’s work so well is because it helps mimic the womb, which is where they wish they still were.

Did you know that babies should really be born 3 months later?

That’s where the term “the fourth trimester” comes from. It’s actually coined by the same Dr. Harvey Karp who introduced the five S’s.

Those 3 months after your baby is born is considered the fourth trimester, where he still needs all the comfort and warmth he got in the womb.

Talk to your newborn

A great tip for new moms is to talk to your newborn. Yes, you read that correctly.

I know it may seem weird to talk to a 3-week-old baby who doesn’t understand anything you’re saying.

However, it’s really important for her language development.

calm baby down

At first, it may be hard but after some time, you’ll get used to it.

It’s like talking to your pet. I talk to my cats all the time and I know they understand some of what I’m saying.

Read here to find out the benefits of raising kids with pets. Spoiler – there are some amazing advantages that you would never imagine!

When you talk to your newborn, you help her learn words early on.

I’ve been talking to Haylee since she was just born and now, at 17 months, she expresses herself so well with words and movements.

Baby bedding

One of my most critical baby care tips for new moms is this one, so listen up!

Don’t use crib bumpers, blankets, pillows, or any loose items in your newborn’s crib!

I know crib bumpers are cute and they make the crib look nicer.

But they’re simply unsafe.

They pose a suffocation hazard for your little one.

Find out what other dangerous baby products are out there. Believe me, there are far too many, unfortunately!

The only thing that should be in your baby’s crib is a sheet on the mattress, your baby, and a pacifier.

You’re still you

This tip is one that many moms overlook or forget, myself included.

You’re still you! You’re not just a mom, you’re also whoever you were before your baby was born.

Try to remember that and squeeze in some time for yourself.

If your partner can give you a break for an hour a day, that would do you wonders.

That’s what my husband did. He would take care of Haylee for an hour a day and I was able to do anything I wanted.

This break would recharge me so I can have more energy for Haylee.

Some days all I wanted was a restful nap. Other days it was a spa bath with these delightful bath bombs! It could even be taking a sitz bath to help soothe your private areas after going through an intense delivery.

Whatever you choose to do during this break, make sure it’s something for yourself – something that will make you happy.

After all, you care for your little one so much, who is there to care for you if not yourself?

To wrap up

These baby care tips for new moms are what I wish I had known when Haylee was just born. That’s why I compiled this list for you!

I hope these tips and hacks make your life as a new mom easier and more enjoyable.

If you found it useful, share this with your friends so they can benefit from it too!

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  1. So many helpful tidbits in here! I didn’t know about feeling a baby’s back or chest to see if they’re hot or cold, and the hand clenching tips for hunger is so helpful too! Confidence is key with anything new, like parenting, and these tips will definitely increase confidence 🙂